First Session
Grades: 4-12

String students must be able to play a major two-octave scale.

YMA Orchestra students get to learn and perform some of the world’s great orchestral music. Even students with limited experience will find success in our Orchestra program, where you’ll rehearse and perform alongside counselors and faculty members in a fun, supportive group. YMA has both a full orchestra and a string orchestra, and as long as you can read music and have a cursory knowledge of your instrument, you will have a great experience. Advanced players are put in positions of leadership, providing additional experience.

Because you’ll be in a group of musicians with wide-ranging abilities, you’ll experience mentoring at all levels and a unique camaraderie. Along with attending daily orchestra rehearsal, you’ll spend time in sectionals, you’ll get some individual practice time, and you’ll be placed in a chamber music group suited to your ability level. You can also request private lessons throughout the camp session to refine your skills and deepen your understanding of music.

Orchestra students perform at the informal Saturday Visitors' Day show and the Final Performance. You may also opt to participate in student recitals throughout the session. Auditions on the first day will help faculty choose appropriate music for the session and determine your placement in orchestra.

Students are divided into groups according to their instruments and are assigned an instructor who is a specialist in that instrument. Through expert advice and daily personal attention, the students explore the possibilities of their instruments and deepen their understanding of music.

Instrumental music students also have the opportunity to work in chamber music groups. These small ensembles will work on chamber music suited to their ability levels with one of our counselors or faculty.

Each student is provided with individual practice time. With the many activities going on during the thirteen-day session, the practice periods are welcome opportunities for students to reflect and focus on their own development.

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