Dear YMA,

Last summer the scholarship I received to your camp was one of the best experiences for me EVER!  

When Coach D told me about YMA and that I might be able to attend I thought this is a lifetime experience. I thought about living on my own for 12 days and I thought how much fun, and stressful! There would probably be lots of activities and lots of performances. Knowing I had limited structured dance experience compared to the other campers, I was a little worried about how I would do, that I might not have been as good as them. This was true, I was not as good as many of the other dancers, but if did not matter it was still super fun.

One of the reasons YMA camp was so great for me was because I liked the way they grouped us. YMA put me at the right level with great supportive people so I was able to be successful. I loved meeting so many new people and making so many new friends. It was like being at a new school when you don’t know anyone. Fortunately, I clicked right away with someone at camp and made so many new friends.

My favorite parts of camp were, first and foremost, the opportunity to attend! The food was also a highlight, as well as the other campers, my counselor, the overall environment and the relationships the staff had with the campers. 

This experience also helped me to grow even more confident knowing I can be away from home for almost two weeks and be successful!

Thank you for the scholarship, I hope and dream and wish I can go back again another time!



Onesty Jones 

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