Digital Photography

Second Session
Grades: 6-12
Scott Hohman

If you see the world through a unique lens, the YMA Digital Photography program will help you focus that vision. You’ll receive instruction in composition, exposure techniques, black and white, and more while you experiment with communicating ideas visually. Daily shooting assignments expose you to a range of photographic themes and concepts. The Digital Photography group explores the neighborhood around Willamette University for inspiration and also visits YMA’s other programs, capturing actors, dancers, and artists at work.

You’ll be assigned an Apple workstation in the university’s state-of-the-art digital lab, where you’ll learn to organize and process your photos using the Adobe Suite of editing/developing software. Along with your personal photo projects, you’ll work as part of a team on group assignments, critiquing the work of other students as well as your own.

Your work will be featured in a gallery exhibit prior to Final Performance, which also includes a slide show featuring Digital Photography pieces. YMA Digital Photography students have also had their work shown at a gallery during the school year.

Each student must bring their own digital camera. For specific camera model recommendations or the camera requirements list, please contact the YMA Office."

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