Visual Arts

Session 2
Grades: 4-12

Explore your creative process through a series of deep dives into specialized art forms. You’ll spend one or two days concentrating on each area and learning from a professional guest artist who will share creative inspiration as well as technical acumen. While most projects will be based on individual creativity, you’ll also have the chance to work collaboratively to produce a group piece, giving you a sense of what it’s like to be a part of a close-knit artistic community.

All of our guest artists encourage an adventuresome attitude as they guide you through the process of testing your hand at new techniques and materials. Our lead Visual Arts instructor will provide continuity, helping you synthesize across the various art forms and clarify your individual vision.

As a Visual Arts student, you’ll exhibit works from your YMA portfolio prior to Final Performance, giving family, friends, and other guests the opportunity to view your work and learn more about your own artistic journey.

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